Assassin Chapter 20 – Baris Village

After a short while, gatekeeper Gant-san seems to have finally settled down.

“Fuu, sorry, I was a little excited!”

A little… I don’t think that’s how it was.

“But has a youngster like you really killed those guys?
It’s not that I’m doubting you, it’s only a little surprising for a youngster to kill them.”

I guess there’s no help for there being doubts, for a guy like me to suddenly say they’ve killed three thieves isn’t something which would be believed.
But this uncle, it’s been youngster youngster about me for some time… I’m already like an adult who has passed the age of 25.

“Perhaps those three thieves were careless from relief thinking they’d safely escaped, so they could be killed with magic.
Even though it seems unbelievable, I can show you since I have their bodies in my Item Box.
And finally, I’m 25 years old, not a youngster, and the name is exactly Satou Yuuma.”

Hearing I killed them when they were being careless, Gant-san consented a little.

“I see, if they were being careless when entering the forest then you might be able to kill them alone. But for you to be able to use precious magic, moreover to use the precious Item Box, you’re really different from your appearance, aren’t you youn… no Yuuma!
It’s a little hard to believe you’re 25, but the one who killed those guys can’t be called a youngster!”

Hmm, it appears that magic is a precious existence in this world,
and Item Box is even more precious, this should be concealed as much as possible…
It might bring unnecessary trouble, naturally I won’t hesitate to use it when it’s necessary but I think I’ll stop from using it recklessly.

“Thank you for believing, then what about the bodies of those guys?
If you want to verify then they can be taken out here…”

Gant-san is thinking a little.

“Then just in case, I want to confirm it a little, are there any problems?”

“Well, it’s not really a problem… it’s just a little grotesque… to but it simply, above the neck has been blown off.”

Hearing this, for a moment Gant-san had a drawing back kind of face,
but it was only for an instant.

“Aah, I don’t mind, even though it looks this way, being a gatekeeper is dangerous work, I’ve become used to seeing things such as a dead body, please show it.”

If it’s like that… and so I took the two bodies out from the Item Box,
the other young gatekeeper who saw this let out a little scream.

Gant-san was a little surprised but it was only that much.

“Hou… I didn’t think it would be up to here, just what kind of magic did you use… N? There were three thieves, what happened to the other one?”

“If I had to say, then the remaining one is more showy…
something like that… it’s broken up to the point you wouldn’t know it was a corpse…”

When I said so, Gant-san had a face which was considerably drawing back, it couldn’t be helped! I didn’t think it would be like that with the fireball being that large! …”

“Is… is that so… it’s all good in that case… aah…”

Gant-san immediately pulls himself together after that.


“Okay then, the verifying is finished. Should I put these guys back in the Item Box again? It might become a disturbance if it’s left like this.”

I stored the two in the Item Box.

“Thanks! I’ll go report to the village head that the worry over the thieves has disappeared, what about you? Rather than searching for an inn, how about I refer you to my recommend inn?”

“Really!? Please refer me by all means!”

Gant-san floats a smile.

“Gotcha! In that case, walk straight along the road here,
The recommended inn is the sixth one from here!
The price is low and above all the meals are delicious!”

The meals are delicious?! This guy’s the best.
But there’s something which needs to be heard first.

“Excuse me Gant-san, tough I’m attracted to that inn…
how much is the price?”

“Aah, two copper coins for one night, three copper coins with a meal!
Should I treat you with the money for one night’s stay!?”

Including a meal it’s 3 copper coins, it’s alright in that case.

“No, it seems to be alright! Thank you very much.”

Gant-san felt relieved.

“Ou! I’m glad then, let’s meet later since I’m going to the village head to report. Aah, I forgot to say it…”

Forgot to say? What is it?

Gant-san then said while smiling.


“Welcome to Baris Village!”

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