Jingi wo Suberu Waka Kami-sama

-Jingi wo Suberu Waka Kami-sama ~Senshin no Isekai Harem Funtou Ki~
-神器を統べる若神様 ~戦神の異世界ハーレム奮闘記~
-The Young God who Controls the Sacred Treasures ~Chronicles of the War God’s Other World Harem Efforts

Toujou Renya was taken captive by a certain God. When given two choices, to either die and be reincarnated as a dog, or use what seems like an infinite amount of time to surpass a God, he chose the latter.
Finally after hardships he managed to surpass the God and decided,
“Let’s go to another world and make a harem with this peerless cheat!”
Like that together with his lawful wife the Goddess Floria, War God Renya Isuhl introduces himself and the story of his other world journey begins. Breaking and setting up flags, a fantasy harem story of him making the women he encounters fall for him.
Creating abnormal sacred treasures, he wields them becoming unequal in war, and uses divine power to crush flags of misfortune.

Chapter 1 – Did you think it was the Final Boss? Too bad! It’s the Prologue
Chapter 2 – Birth of the Young War God

Seems that someone else is picking this up so it’s on hold for me. If he stops doing it then I’ll probably pick up where he left off.
Original Web Novel


28 Responses to Jingi wo Suberu Waka Kami-sama

  1. Kygo says:

    What a hilarious synopsis! Sounds like a fun read


  2. Binhjamin says:

    Birth of a new War God. But Kratos would destroy him if they were to fight 😉


  3. kirindas says:

    The series sounds pretty interesting. I look forward to it.


  4. enosashimi says:

    Looking forward to it


  5. Irina_Akashira says:

    interesting story

    thanks for your hard work


  6. Rain says:

    Thanks for the hard work. By the way when the next chapter will be released?


  7. Aisago says:

    When the next chapter?


  8. Afganitia says:

    Interesting WN. Thanks for the TL.


  9. Mark remedios says:

    Sounds good I’m sold


  10. hey dude, I also translated this work in my blog
    just started this so I don’t know you also doing this. how about work together? like you doing the odd chapter and I do the even chapter or something like that? contact me ok?


  11. Rain says:

    Hey is this project abandoned? if so please inform us.


  12. ikamores says:

    War God Weed!? Well another war god is fine. Be god or a dog… That’s a English joke? Palindrome!?.


  13. Rumanshi says:

    >.> fun story.


  14. Anonymous says:

    change your link to this one


    yours isn’t correct and doesn’t update


  15. Ravime says:

    yeah but Izra709 has way better quality imo i still kinda hope he does it but i just found out about your site and your works and love all of them so far 😄


  16. I read this post completely concerning the difference of
    newest and preceding technologies, it’s remarkable article.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Sigh.. the art and characters are amazing but its a typical harem tag -.-.


  18. midoyashii says:

    Is not going to continue 😦


  19. Anomyus says:

    I found this story at this site it already has 50 chapters http://www.novelupdates.com/series/young-god-divine-armaments/


  20. Voncile says:

    Tenho 20 anos (Completo 21 em fev/2012), faço faculdade de Psicologia e amo a posidbslidaie de trabalhar com crianças e jovens que precisam de mais atenção nesse mundo em que só ligamos para coisas banais. Gostaria muito de fazer parte desse time de pessoas solidárias e que querem apenas ver essas crianças e jovens felizes e com saúde!


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