Monogatari no Naka no Hito


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From MangaHelpers:

A young noblewoman once dreamed of becoming a magic user like in the old tales, but her time in magic school has dimmed her passion. One day, a mysterious man comes to her rescue in the forest, using magic like in the old stories. Despite the fact that he is clearly skilled in magic, he is thrilled by the idea of learning new techniques. Since the only way to do that in this day and age is in magic school, he alters his appearance to school-age and decides to accompany her back to school! [tethysdust]

Chapter 1 – Standing on the Ground
Chapter 2 – Her Situation
Chapter 3 – A Father’s Distress
Chapter 4 – Books Are Important
Chapter 5 – Consultation on Troubles
Chapter 6 – Selfish Master and Large Bird
Chapter 7 – The Pasts of the Employees
Chapter 8 – Turn to Asheeees!!
Chapter 9 – The Large Bird Carrying the Letters
Chapter 10 – Once Upon a Time in a Certain Place
Chapter 11 – Preliminary Test
Chapter 12 – Magic Tools
Chapter 13 – The Beginning of the Uproar
Chapter 14 – This No Good Master and Servant!
Chapter 15 – The Luminous Body’s Party Trick
Chapter 16 – A Tentative Closure
Chapter 17 – A Child’s Entry
Chapter 18 – First Day
Chapter 19 – An Ordinary Result
Chapter 20 – A Good Day for Measuring
Chapter 21 – School Explanation
Chapter 22 – A Teacher’s Agony
Chapter 23 – Both Sides Are To Blame
Chapter 24 – Ojou-sama and Maid’s Tea Break
Chapter 25 – A Teacher’s Melancholy
Chapter 26 – Forest Princess and the Person’s Strange State
Chapter 27 – A Handsome Man…
Chapter 28 – Her Willpower
Chapter 29 – Her Thoughts
Chapter 30 – The Magician’s Service
Chapter 31 – A Teacher’s Concern
Chapter 32 – Books Management Committee Member
Chapter 33 – An Old Tale With Neither Highs Nor Lows
Chapter 34 – The Maid Saw
Chapter 35 – Respective Nights
Chapter 36 – First Lesson


45 Responses to Monogatari no Naka no Hito

  1. safhan says:

    Interesting, I’m waiting… @_@

    Thank you izra709.


    • piratezeff says:

      is this shoujo or shounen? like boys LN or gurl’s?


      • safhan says:

        Actually the main character is not the girl, but the man who’s an immortal magician (cmiiw).

        Just to give you some insight and comparisons about this LN. IMO, the story is far better than the overrated Mushoku Tensei and the mc is an ambitious and capable man unlike Satou from Death March (I like both mc personality and both authors are consistent with mc’s character so we don’t get unstable mc that give birth to more plot holes).

        I recommend you to read this LN.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Halfling Runner says:

    Sounds cool


  3. Analyse_this says:

    The prologue was really confusing but the first chapter was great. A NEETish mage coming out to society after 200 years. Waiting for more chapters. 🙂


    • lygarx says:

      aren’t all mages a bit NEETish. They are super devoted to their craft. Only people that are like that kind of crazy exhibited by the mages we hear of whom I have personally met are Physics PhD candidates.


      • Leylin Shin says:

        What about Linley?

        Liked by 2 people

        • nelus4blood says:

          …..there is a diference between japanise standarts and chinese standarts
          seeing that coiling dragon is a chinese webnovel and not a japanise one.
          Not that i mind, heck, i finished coiling dragon in five days after waiting sooooo damn long before rmx finnished translating it. AND after i finnished reading it (took me just 5 days though) , althought i goy annoyed about the way I eat tomatoesgive Linley a fucked up power up at the end of it. (Please bare in mind that i still loved it all the way to the end)


          • nelus4blood says:

            It was all in all a good story.
            but these kind of stories (now i’m talking of japanese lightnovels) are allways amusing thanks to the harem genre.
            and about the magic in these novel, i normally don’t care in what kind of form it appears in.
            So reading this novel ,gun otta, deat march, mushoku tensei, konjiki no wordmaster.
            or reading western high fantasy novels like lord of the rings, song of ice and fire, the sword of truth, the seven realm or the intire book series of Robin Hobb.
            Fantasy novels with magic are awesome no matter what kind of form it has are awesome

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Kygo says:

    I see, I finally understand the premise after reading the first chapter. If any of you decide to drop this because of the prologue or the synopsis, you should spare a couple minutes of your time to read the first chapter first. It may changed your mind.

    Thanks for bringing this to us!


  5. jspl says:

    thank you and please more


  6. lirg123 says:

    Note, the mang is already out. Not sure howfar it goes yet.


  7. rizyun says:

    cant wait for the next chapter 😄


  8. Nakiami says:

    is this written from the reclusive mage POV, noblewoman POV or a combination of both?
    I’m a stickler on this sort of thing…


  9. exqalph03 says:

    hey~! This is good~! Awesome~!

    — Now I’ll be waiting for the next chapter lol ^^


  10. crocochan says:

    Ehehe! I just found this today. Found it interesting & bookmarking it!

    Imma start reading the tled chaps! 👍

    Waiting for more & thanks for the chapters! 😋


  11. Whens the next ch.6 coming out?


  12. xargalos says:

    this could more interesting

    the MC is hard-worker (well 200 years is long time)
    and he seems have many companions
    and that will be a story from here


  13. motto…. motto…


  14. is there any novel with this kind of plot? pls recommend


  15. xdhakspy says:

    Thanks for the translation…I’m reading the manga version of this and I didn’t expect that this had a LN…the same with B Group no Shounen that manga is already finished.
    I’ll enjoy your web.

    Many thanks


  16. moredrowsy says:

    Got really tired of underdog heroes. This is quite a refreshing story. Kind of like Magi’s Grandson. Thanks for the translations.


  17. A slightly crazy NEET of an MC, more like.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. schnee says:

    can i ask for the link to the raw?


  19. mr. mas :3 says:

    Can i know the next chapter release??


  20. Novel Wanderer says:

    Yessss finally found man looking all over for it thanks for the chap and hope for more


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  22. Wow, this was so much more interesting than I thought it would be! Thanks so much for all your hard work, I really like this one!!!


  23. yuukirito424 says:

    Hello , sorry translating these light novel or novel web ?


  24. yuukirito424 says:

    Web Novel*


  25. sassymiss says:

    Do you have the link for the raw of this light novel?


  26. thank you and please more


  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for taking the time to translate this great story!


  28. It’s been a mount when are we going get an update.


  29. BookWorm says:

    Is this website dead?


  30. anon says:

    well i hope mono gets going, but most likely the site gave up so expect nothing and embrass nothing as mono was killed by this translator

    Liked by 1 person

  31. does any one have an EPUB Version of this?


  32. Many thanks, this website is extremely valuable


  33. Excellent items from you, man. I have remember your stuff prior to and you are just too fantastic. I actually like what you’ve obtained right here, really like what you’re saying and the way wherein you are saying it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to stay it smart. I can not wait to read much more from you. That is actually a tremendous site.|


  34. Anonymous says:

    Umm… May I know if you have perhaps stopped translating this or that there have been no releases of the raw yet since I’ve been waiting for the next update for quite a long time now, thank you…


  35. Rena says:

    Ah, I tested again. I di;21#8n&7dt know that it is possible to select several languages in this field and all entries remain. Normally such select fields accept one selected entry only. Yes, it works.But please add Lower Sorbian to the language list.Thank you.


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